PPC Questionarie

1) Do you have an existing Google Adwords account? If yes, then please provide us the login details. If no, should we create a new account for you?

2) Should we create all of our campaigns under the name of ‘-LAD’ in your new or existing AdWords account?

3) Which geographical regions would you like to target? If there is a specific audience that you would like to target then please let us know.

4) What is your monthly budget for your Google AdWords account?

5) What is the goal of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns? You can choose combination of options or specify your own.

6) Should we send the keywords and ad text for your approval before making them live or should we directly add them in the campaigns?

7) What is the current conversion rate of your website? Or out of 100 people, how many of them on an average sign up or purchase a product?

8) What is the desired average profit per product or lead?

9) Have you installed the AdWords conversion tracking code in the "Thank You" page of your website? If not, then should we mail you the code or will you be able to install it on your own? (Thank you page: Page that comes only after the transaction (purchase) or sign up/registration or contact us form is completed successfully)

If you would like us to set it up for you, please provide us with the ‘FTP access’ and ‘name of the conversion page (Thank you page)’ to install the conversion tracking code:

10) Have you installed Google Analytics code on your website? If yes, then kindly provide us the login details.

If you would like us to set it up for you, please provide us with the ‘FTP access’ and your email that you want to have access to the Analytics Reports:

11) Please let us know which keywords / products / services would you like us to focus on during the initial stage of the project, i.e. which are your main/best selling items (sales volume).

12) Short keyword list of your choice (not more than 15 keywords). Just to get an idea of your keywords thoughts or if you would like us to work on it initially, let us know:

13) What is your unique selling point? How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? If there is anything which helps you to separate yourself from the competition then please inform us below with a short description about your business.

14) Have you previously done any paid listing for this website? If yes, what results did you achieve? Is it possible to provide us some data/login details? Is there any specific CPC or CPA to be maintained or achieved?

15) Is it okay if we bid on your competitors’ brand name, i.e. to bid on their domain names?

16) What is good time to contact you regarding your project? (Please specify with your time zone).